Tennessee Terrace

To learn more about Terrace opportunities, please call (865) 974-1218

Located along the west upper deck of Neyland Stadium, the Tennessee Terrace features chairback seats and cup holders, with a sideline view of all the action. The adjoining indoor concourse offers an expanded concession menu, restrooms, and flat screen televisions  in a climate-controlled setting overlooking campus. A football parking pass per pair of Terrace seats is included.


  •                                     The Terrace has 1,800 outdoor chair back seats with and extended leg room

  •                                     Each seat has a personal cup holder

  •                                     Seats offer extended leg room and cup holders

  •                                     Enjoy a home sideline view with premium outdoor seating

  •                                     View of campus allows fans to watch the Vol Walk before kickoff

  •                                     Excellent view of the Vol Walk

  •                                     Ample concession stands result in short lines

  •                                     Climate-controlled concourse featuring flat screen televisions

  •                                     Private concourse results in a less-crowded halftime

Financial Commitment

Contact the Tennessee Fund at (865) 974-1218 for more information. 


“We began our Terrace seating experience in the inaugural season of 2010.  The Terrace atmosphere is wonderful, from the unique concessions to the spacious concourse.  The seats are large with comfortable leg room.  We look forward to cheering on the Vols from the Terrace for many more years to come.” 

- David Wagner


"The sight lines within the Tennessee Terrace are truly remarkable.  The view of the field from my seats takes my breath away, while the view of campus and Peyton Manning Pass takes my heart away!”

- Gary Rose

I would like to speak with a member of the Tennessee Fund staff about premium seating.