Neyland Skyboxes

To learn more about Skybox opportunities, please call (865) 974-1218

Skybox seating offers Volunteer football fans a private setting to view all the gameday action with their guests. Each box seats 16 people and includes a private refrigerator, wet bar and locked cabinets for box holders to use throughout the season. An adjoining lounge area offers all-inclusive food and refreshments, providing box holders with an effortless gameday experience.

  •                                            Entertain up to 16 guest per skybox

  •                                            Private seating with premium amenities

  •                                            Comfortable environment

  •                                            Personalize your skybox to show your Tennessee spirit

  •                                            Private wet bar includes refrigerator, freezer, and locked cabinets

  •                                            Spacious common area adjoins the skyboxes

  •                                            Enjoy the family atmosphere

  •                                            All inclusive gourmet buffets are provided

  •                                            Upscale restrooms

Financial Commitment

Contact the Tennessee Fund at (865) 974-1218 for more information.


I would like to speak with a member of the Tennessee Fund staff about premium seating.