About the Tennessee Fund


Since 1986, the Tennessee Fund has helped support UT student-athletes and athletic programs thanks to the passion and loyal support of our generous members. Through the generosity of nearly 12,000 donors, the Tennessee Fund provides for all expenses associated with all of Tennessee's intercollegiate sports. As we strive to win championships in the nation's best conference and in the classroom, your support is more important than ever. By factoring in other direct expenses such as travel, academic support and sports medicine, the complete student-athlete package reaches over $100,000 annually. These expenses add up, as UT supports nearly 500 student-athletes.

Please review the current Tennessee Fund Guidebook below to see all that the Tennessee Fund has to offer.

Thank You


The University of Tennessee Athletic Department (UTAD) and individuals affiliated with the department, including donors, are governed by the rules and regulations of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the Southeastern Conference (SEC). Ensuring compliance with NCAA and SEC rules is a top priority for the UTAD. Compliance should be everyone’s responsibility, especially for our donors. Rule violations involving donors may adversely impact the eligibility of current student athletes as well as prospective student-athletes (recruits). Additionally, violations involving donors may prevent any future association with the UTAD. Your participation and acceptance of benefits and privileges available from the UTAD is your acknowledgement and agreement to abide by the rules and regulations of the NCAA, SEC and the UTAD. The UTAD Compliance Office serves as a resource for everyone affiliated with the UTAD.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Compliance Office at (865) 974-3871 or utcompliance@utk.edu.